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No matter what your experience level, you're sure to find great weekend home improvement project ideas and the helpful advice you need right here. Take a look around. Then head to your local True Value hardware store to find all the painting, gardening, home repair tools, products and advice you need to get your do-it-yourself projects done right.

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  • Small Space Storage Solutions

    Small Space Storage Solutions

    Make the most of your small space by creating a simple storage solution.

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  • Canning Your Own Fruits & Vegetables

    Canning Your Own Fruits & Vegetables

    Preserve your garden's surplus produce.

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  • How to fix peeling paint

    How to fix peeling paint

    Learn how to fix flaking paint to maintain the look of your home.

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  • How To Lay Bathroom Tile

    How To Lay Bathroom Tile

    Replacing cracked or outdated tile is a great DIY project with the right tools and know-how. Learn More

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