How to Paint Your Garage Door
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How to Paint Your Garage Door

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Like the rest of your home's exterior, your garage door is exposed to the elements all year. A fresh coat of paint can extend the life expectancy of your garage door, as well as enhance your home's overall appearance.

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    • Step 1: Prepare the Door

      Preparing the door is the first step that needs to be taken when painting a garage door. Spray the entire surface of the door with an all-purpose cleaner and thoroughly clean off any dirt or dust with a cloth. Rinse the door with water from a garden hose. When it's dry, use painter's tape to mask any handles, trim and windows on your garage door. Put a drop cloth or tarp below the door to protect your driveway and garage floor from any dripping paint or primer.

    • Step 2: Strip the Door
      safety glasses

      Before painting a garage door you should remove any existing loose paint with a wire brush and get rid of any rust with a paint scraper. You can use a chemical stripper and a sanding sponge to remove all of the old paint or use a palm or circular sander. This can be tedious work, but it's necessary to prep your garage door if you want your new paint job to look its best and last for years.

      Safety Alert!

      Always wear safety goggles and a dust mask while sanding.

    • Step 3: Prime the Door

      Part of the garage door painting process is determining what material your door is made of. The majority of garage doors are now made out of metal, but if you have an older home you could still have a wooden door. Many latex exterior primers work well on any type of surface; just make sure the primer you choose is the right choice for your garage door. Apply primer using a wide paintbrush, paint roller or paint sprayer. If applying with a paint sprayer, use a large piece of cardboard as a shield to protect surrounding areas. Allow the primer to dry for at least 12 hours, if not 24.

      Helpful Tip

      Always wear safety goggles and a dust mask while sanding.

      Safety Alert!

      When priming or painting inside the garage, make sure it is well ventilated. Wear both a dust mask and safety goggles.

    • Step 4: Paint the Door
      view of the house

      As with priming, when painting garage doors you can use a wide paintbrush, roller or sprayer to apply a latex exterior paint like True Value WeatherAll® paint. If using a paint sprayer, practice spraying on a large piece of cardboard. Make adjustments to the sprayer if needed. You don't want the paint to run once it's on the garage door. Once you're comfortable with the operation, start spraying the door. You'll have to paint both the inside and outside of the garage door. Let the paint dry and then apply another coat.

      Helpful Tips

      A semi-gloss sheen is recommended for easy maintenance.

      Paint under proper weather conditions. You don't want to paint when it's too cold, too hot or when it's raining. It's also best to avoid painting in direct sunlight or when surface is warm to the touch.

    • Step 5: Clean Up
      close up view of the garage door

      Now that your garage door has been painted, it's time to clean up. Thoroughly rinse your paintbrushes, roller covers and sprayer equipment in water until the water runs clear. Store brushes in plastic bags or hang them on nails or hooks to dry. Pick up drop cloths or tarps and remove painter's tape at a 45-degree angle to avoid removing any fresh paint.

      Helpful Tip

      If any paint managed to get on the glass of your garage door window, you can remove using a razor blade.

      Great job! Your freshly painted garage door will improve the overall aesthetic of your home while protecting it against the elements.

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